Uponor Innovations looking for game-changing products, ideas

Uponor InnovationsUponor, Inc. has launched Uponor Innovations LLC — a new, wholly owned subsidiary and corporate enterprise designed to identify emerging markets and create new, game-changing products.

The new subsidiary will not only be exploring ideas that build upon Uponor’s core businesses, but other opportunities as well. Anyone with a good idea, including entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, management teams, investors and funds can submit an executive summary of their ideas via the Uponor Innovations website.

Uponor Innovations hopes to develop new markets and products by providing the resources entrepreneurs and startups need to succeed. This includes staff, funding, manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical support and a national distribution network. Uponor Innovations is not an investment portfolio enterprise, but rather its approach is to pursue involvement through existing Uponor assets and resources.

Uponor believes that building an innovative culture internally and externally is a great opportunity to build products and create new processes and technologies that not only help its customers differentiate and grow their business, but also inspire the industry with fresh, innovative and sustainable solutions, and enrich people’s way of life.

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