Tweeting with Ole Miss

“If these walls could talk.” Well, now they do. More or less.
   Here’s what the Lyceum at the Univ. of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, said earlier this month: “(10.46 kWh usage, 0.15 kWh peak) Bad day all around. Usage up 7.93% and peak up 6.67%.
That comment appeared on the building’s Facebook page. Yep. Social media has come to buildings.
   Throughout the Ole Miss campus, building are broadcasting their energy consumption via updates on Facebook and Twitter. Smart-grid company SmartSynch, Jackson, MS, added IP technology to energy management equipment. Building managers are testing the idea that they can “alter behavior to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions,” according to a report by John Gartner, editor in chief of Matter Network, San Francisco, and an industry analyst at Pike Research, Boulder, CO.
   The project will study consumption from lighting, temperature controls, and appliances. The organizations have created an online application to monitor and report the energy draw so that building operators can learn where energy is being wasted and implement new conservation strategies.
   The only thing missing is a voice application that nags students to: “Close the door. Do you think your old man is made of money?”—Jim Carper

Tweeting from Energy Summit 09

Tweeting from Energy Summit 09 today. Follow us at cbpmag to get energy tidbits.–Gary L. Parr