Polyera solar cell technology hits 9.1% efficiency

Polyera Corporation has achieved a certified, world-record 9.1% efficient polymer/fullerene organic solar cell using its newest proprietary ActivInk® PV2000 semiconductor material. The device performance was certified by Newport Corporation’s PV Cell Lab.

The high efficiency of this material represents a substantial breakthrough in the development of organic solar cell technology for large-scale manufacturing of low-cost, lightweight, flexible, and optically semi-transparent solar modules. And because this technology uses an inverted cell architecture, solar panels are easier to manufacture and have a longer useful life.

Polyera’s active layer materials can  be deposited using a significantly broader range of film thicknesses without lowering cell efficiency, improving yields and further simplifying manufacturing. Polyera’s materials can also be processed at low enough temperatures to be compatible with a wide range of simple printing processes and common, inexpensive plastic substrates like PET or PEN.

Polyera will be launching a series of organic solar cell active-layer inks, to be commercialized under the trade name ActivInk® PV.