Captain Code Explains National Electrical Code Changes

As part of its Smart Community campaign, Leviton has released the 2011 “Captain Code” Pocket-Guide to the NEC® Code Changes. The pocket guide features Leviton’s “Captain Code” explaining the critical changes in the 2011 NEC manual that relate to wiring devices and telecommunication systems. It distills and simplifies thousands of pages of technical compliance data into an easy-to-reference pocket-guide. Leviton hopes to put one in every electrical professional’s toolbox.

The pocket guide will be available this spring from Leviton distributors nationwide, but it is available now from Leviton’s website.

Leviton will also unveil an interactive website for online training and a series of Learning Lab training seminars that will be held at participating Leviton distributors and presented by Leviton sales professionals. Both are based on the content found in the pocket guide.