Database Organizes Cluttered World of Eco-Labels and Certifications

BASF has launched SELECT (Sustainability, Eco-Labeling and Environmental Certification Tracking) Eco-Label Manager, a database created to help users navigate the maze of eco-labels, environmental claims, directories and ratings systems by allowing the user to search, analyze and compare these programs in a structured and consistent format.

Currently, the database includes 100 programs, primarily in North America, but BASF is continuing to add programs from around the world. Examples include Built Green Canada, a residential construction checklist and energy rating system; USGBC LEED programs, and the Green Guides, a set of guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission to help manufacturers make clear and substantiated marketing claims.

Currently, the tool is available to all BASF employees and preferred BASF customers, stakeholders and members of the press. If you would like to gain access to the SELECT Eco-Label Manager or are interested in learning more about the database, visit the SELECT Eco-Label Manager website or call Mary MacLeod-Jones at (207) 929-4568.