Survey Shows Interest in Energy Efficiency High, but Barriers Remain

Inst. for Building EfficiencyThe 2011 Energy Efficiency Indicator survey showed a global increase in interest in energy efficiency, motivated by incentives and public image concerns in addition to energy cost savings. While interest is strong and savings targets are common, barriers still remain.

Seven in 10 executives said energy management was extremely important or very important to their organizations. The top three drivers for pursuing energy efficiency include energy cost savings, incentives and rebates, and enhanced brand or public image.

Although executives recognized the importance of energy efficiency, and many believed there were cost
savings opportunities, they reported significant barriers to pursuing investment. Barriers ranged from organizational structure, to technical capacity, to financial considerations. The 2011 EEI survey identified five key barriers to energy efficiency investments:

  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for energy savings.
  • Lack of technical expertise to design and complete projects.
  • Lack of certainty that promised savings will be achieved.
  • inability of projects to meet the organization’s financial payback criteria.
  • Lack of available capital for investment in project

The survey was administered by the Institute for Building Efficiency in partnership with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Urban Land Institute (ULI), and 30 strategic partners around the world.

The Institute for Building Efficiency is an initiative of Johnson controls providing information and analysis of technologies, policies, and practices for efficient, high performance buildings and smart energy systems around the world. The International Facility Management association (IFMA) is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for professional facility managers. The Urban Land institute (ULI) is a research and education organization with members in 95 countries, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in private enterprise and public service.

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