Precast concrete rings create artificial reef structures

image002Wayfarer Environmental Technologies’ OysterBreak artificial reef structures use strategically placed submerged precast concrete rings which employ the oyster’s inherent nature of clustering to fill in the gaps, creating an artificial reef. The system uses stacks of specially designed concrete rings similar in size, shape, and weight to spacer rings used on manhole risers, but featuring anchor lugs and wave openings. Each ring is wet cast using an OysterKrete mix design. OysterKrete, invented by Tyler Ortego is a harsh mixture that results in a hardened concrete that resembles pervious concrete.

These living barriers become structures for shoreline erosion protection. Placed in rows two to three deep, the OysterKrete structure allows tidal water to easily move within the structure, while resisting wave action that causes shoreline erosion. In addition, the oysters ‘breathe’ the sediment and nutrients from the water, enhancing the water quality.

OysterBreak is a proprietary precast concrete system that provides shoreline erosion control using artificial oyster reefs. ORA Technologies, is the inventor of a method of shoreline control which creates semi-artificial reefs using oysters. Ortego has licensed his two inventions to Wayfarer Environmental Technologies, of Hunt Valley, Md. In turn, Wayfarer is using Oldcastle Precast as its exclusive manufacturer.

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