LG Enters Solar Business in North America

LG SolarLG Electronics’ Solar Division is now selling its solar panels for residential, rooftop and commercial applications in North America, including a new line of high-performance, photvoltaic multicyrstalline modules and monocrystalline modules. The new PV modules feature a light-weight frame design that drains liquid even when installed at tough horizontal and vertical angles, internal mechanical load standards (5400Pa), and frame anodizing to improve the module frame’s durability.

Specific models include:

  • RIE Module – This module uses RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) technology, which has been used in the past to fabricate semiconductors.
  • MWT Module – This multicrystalline module uses LG’s metal wrap through (MWT) technology, which can remove the wide ribbon usually found on the front of a multicrystalline module.
  • High Power Monocrystalline Module – This module combines all of LG’s second-generation cell manufacturing technology into one cutting-edge unit. This module will be available in 2011.
  • Tandem Thin Film – This module uses LG’s Tandem Thin Film technology and responds to a wide range of light frequencies and has and efficiency of 11.1%.
  • Multicrystalline module– This module is designed for home, building rooftops and power generation facilities.
  • Monocrystalline module – This module is designed for residential roof-top and building applications and is light weight and highly durable.

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