H.R. 2187 to feed “green” in schools?

The funding river flowing out of Washington these days is wide and deep. It still remains to be seen how much of that water will nourish the commercial-construction industry. One indicator of this potential nourishment is H.R. 2187, the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act, which just passed out of the House Education and Labor Committee. The bill would authorize $6.4 billion in 2010 for school districts to take “measures designed to reduce or eliminate human exposure to classroom noise and environmental noise pollution.” The bill was introduced by Rep. George Miller (D-CA).
   The funding can be used to repair, replace, or install roofs, wiring, plumbing, lighting, windows, doors, floors, and/or ceilings. It also can be used for HVAC systems, to bring schools into compliance with various building codes and ADA requirements, for removal of hazardous materials, and to reduce or eliminate classroom noise. In other words, this is funding to improve the overall educational environment and to cut energy costs for school districts.
   I live in the Chicago area and can assure you that there is a mountain of schools here that can use this type of funding. The number of such schools across the country has to be enough to make a large mountain range. Needless to say, this bill will also put a lot of people back to work, either producing building products or installing them. Let’s hope it passes for the sake of our industry.—Gary L. Parr


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