Green, green, and more green

CBP October IssueThe October issue is one of my favorites because we get to focus as much editorial as possible on green/sustainable construction and energy-saving designs/systems. This issue also signals the upcoming Greenbuild show (Nov. 16 to 19 in Chicago), one of the more interesting shows I attend each year.

Our lead article for October describes a fascinating building that is on my list for a visit the next time I venture to St. Louis. The Living Learning Center, part of the Washington Univ. St. Louis, Tyson Research Center, is a zero net energy and water structure. The way the building was designed and functions is impressive, but even more so is that it meets the criteria for the Living Building Challenge. I had not heard of the Challenge until I edited this article and now I want to know more. If you read nothing else in this issue, spend some time with “LLC Goes Beyond Green”.

Since I know you won’t be able to put the magazine down after reading just one green article, I’ll suggest that you learn that there’s a lot more to light-fixture reflectors than meets the eye. That “lots more” is the difference between getting average, at best, performance out of your light fixtures and realizing their full potential in terms of light delivery and energy savings.

Now that you’re hooked, you’re ready to learn what factors are involved in specifying/purchasing “green” flooring for educational facilities. Next, go to our Building Power feature, where you’ll learn how rapidly rooftop solar-energy technology is advancing and an interesting new solar-cell design that makes use of all of the light that hits and reflects from a roof. The article will make you think twice about how those vast roof surfaces are used.

We also have some short pieces that have a green theme:

If you like green, it should be clear that this issue has something for you. If you can, find your way to Chicago in November to attend Greenbuild and gain more green knowledge. But don’t leave town without stuffing yourself with some Chicago-style pizza.

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