Energy forum shows how far we’ve come

I’ve just returned from our nation’s capital, where the U.S. Energy Assoc. held its annual Energy Efficiency Forum, co-sponsored by Johnson Controls. It’s the 20th anniversary of the event and there was a gala Hall of Fame induction last evening. But the highlight of my trip was sitting at the National Press Club listening to the sheer collection of brainpower and vision displayed among the speakers today. Highlights: Dallas mayor Tom Leppert, former head of Turner Construction and a real leader who is pushing the real estate and construction communities in Dallas to go green, but fast. Then there was Anthony Malkin, head of the firm that owns the Empire State Building. Malkin talked about the once-in-a-lifetime confluence of companies and groups that came together to take on the challenge of giving the ESB an energy efficiency makeover of historic proportions. More about what these visionaries have in store for the built environment–and a lot more about the future of energy/utilities in the U.S. If you use electricity or natural gas, you need to watch our blog and check out Building Power within our pages.  The accelerator is being pushed to the floorboard—Melissa Larson

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