Do we need a better LEED?

One of the questions posed in my July/August issue editorial:

Do we need a better LEED?
We all know that LEED isn’t perfect, but it’s the accepted “standard” and, for many, the best that we have. In the past couple of years, I’ve seen several “green” buildings, but two LEED “Choose Your Metal” buildings stand out for what was missing. In both instances, after a formal tour to see all of the wonderful energy-saving, sustainable features, we had a small lunch. In both cases, I looked in the kitchenette area for a place to recycle my soda can and came up empty. In the first building, the recycle bin was in the hallway. In my most recent experience, I asked one of the tour guides where the recycle container was located. I got that “look.” There wasn’t one. For me, that moment shot a gaping hole in the building’s LEED story—Gary L. Parr


  1. Hello, your editorial comments on the lack of beverage containers created the impression that sustainable efforts should be defined by mistakes. In your position of responsibility as one of the leaders in the sustainability movement, I feel your readers and advertisers should be reassured that our collaborative efforts won’t be defined by mistakes but by successes. Mistakes can be corrected. In fact, I’m certain a few recycle containers, with your magazine’s logo, are already in the places you wrote about!

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