CREST helps contractors, consultants, and building owners compare roofing systems

GAFGAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has recently released CREST, the Cool Roof Energy and Sustainability Tool. CREST helps contractors, consultants and building owners compare the energy cost savings of different roofing systems options.

CREST makes it easy to compare roof design options, varying levels of reflectivity, and multiple thicknesses of insulation. It allows the building professional to print a customized report that includes images of the building site from publicly-available, internet-based mapping services, and searches rebates to the zip code level, including hard-to-find municipal and utility rebates, to give a truer sense of the real costs and benefits of different roofing system decisions. A proposal-quality report is generated for immediate free download.

Since peak electrical demand often occurs on the hottest days of the year, peak energy loading is very important in modeling the effectiveness of cool roofing. To ease the process of projecting peak energy loads, CREST queries both the Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) “CoolCalc” and “CoolCalc Peak” calculators in a single step, using an easy to use app-style format.

CREST was developed in conjunction with GreenOhm, a leading technology company that maintains one of the largest datasets of energy efficiency rebates, incentives and tax credits and easily links this information to provide a complete picture to property owners.

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