Copper Industry Launches New DIY Videos

Copper Development Assn.The “Do It Proper with Copper” video series is back with its second installment of DIY architectural and plumbing how-to videos. These short, instructional videos illustrate exactly how to use this versatile metal in plumbing, architecture and building and construction projects.

The new series covers building techniques such as: vertical lap seams, flat seams and standing seams for architectural copper systems and; bending & flaring, structural adhesives and a continuation of brazing techniques used in plumbing applications.

Each video explains which tools are needed for the application, while giving a step-by-step tutorial that is easy to understand for anyone from the average do-it-yourselfer to the seasoned professional. The videos break down the different copper methods, and make sure no small details are overlooked. For example, the standing seam video not only discusses how the seam is constructed, but also how cleats should be used to attach the sheet copper to the substrate of the roof or wall.

The Do it Proper with Copper video series is available for free download on the Copper Development Association website, and are also featured on the CDA’s YouTube channel. The CDA is the information, education, market and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industries in the USA.

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