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BETEC 2012Take a look into the world of windows at the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) Symposium. With the theme Fenestration: A World of Change, the BETEC Symposium, to be held Monday, January 7, as part of Building Innovation 2013—The National Institute of Building Sciences Annual Conference and Expo, will provide attendees with the most recent developments in fenestration performance and technology.

The windows industry has one of the toughest jobs in building performance—it has to build products that withstand all of the forces of sun, wind, rain, hurricanes and three-year-olds while remaining essentially invisible. Manufacturers are expected to achieve these architectural performance imperatives in products that must last decades. Over time, building occupants have come to expect even greater performance delivery from fenestration systems, such as increased safety during fire and the ability to withstand greater impact and blast resistance during a disaster (whether natural or man-made).

Fortunately for society, windows and glazing have kept up with industry needs. From composite framing systems and new glazing materials, through new performance ratings and certifications, to how these important building envelope systems are integrated with lighting, HVAC and other building elements, the industry continues to introduce new fenestration innovations.

During the BETEC Symposium, a collection of leading experts will share the latest information available on a variety of fenestration technology and performance topics. This full-day event is a must-attend for architects, engineers, developers and anyone involved in critical decisions about buildings.

Chris Mathis, President, Mathis Consulting Company, will chair the BETEC Symposium. The following presenters and topics are currently scheduled:

  • Lisa Heschong, Principal, Heschong-Mahone Group. Heschong will discuss the latest research on fenestration and daylighting integration, including impacts on student and worker performance.
  • Steve Selkowitz, Lead, Windows and Daylighting Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Selkowitz will talk about the state-of-the-art fenestration research going on at national labs, including where current fenestration technology is heading.
  • Jim Larsen, Technology Lead, Cardinal Glass Industries. Larsen will provide up-to-the-minute understandings on window and glazing energy performance and the impacts of fenestration on human comfort.
  • Rich Walker, Director, American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Walker will highlight the latest in fenestration security and blast resistance ratings and certifications.
  • Herb Yudenfriend, President, Hy-light Corporation. Yudenfriend will focus on recent innovations in security glazings.
  • Tom Schwartz, President, Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger. Schwartz will offer the newest understandings in delivered fenestration performance from a building forensics engineering perspective.
  • Wagdy Anis, Principal, Wiss, Janney, Elstner. Anis will address critical fenestration design and performance considerations in specialty applications, including natatoriums, hospitals and others.

In addition, the BETEC Symposium will present information on fenestration retrofits, fenestration impacts on utility planning, advanced shading technologies and other timely topics.

Online registration opens September 1.

Get the most up-to-date information on scheduling and events for the BETEC Symposium and Building Innovation 2013.

AHR EXPO Donates Nearly $13,000 To The Opportunity Village

AHR Expo

Nearly $13,000 in entry fees from the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition will be donated to Opportunity Village, a Las Vegas organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities. The not-for-profit organization is using the money to buy and install 76 programmable thermostats that are estimated to save over $26,000 in annual energy costs for two of its locations.

Every year, AHR Expodonates the competition entry fee money to a local charitable organization wherever the Show is being held. To date, nearly $75,000 dollars have been donated to several charitable organizations throughout the country. This year’s competition received 170 entries, an all-time record.

Opportunity Village was founded in 1954 by seven families whose children had intellectual disabilities. Today, Opportunity Village serves approximately 1,700 individuals and their families. It is Nevada’s largest provider of vocational training, community and campus-based employment, art enrichment, social recreation and therapeutic day services, and is unique in the United States for its self-reliance. Opportunity Village is primarily self-funded and dedicated to developing and expanding the programs people with disabilities need to achieve success in their lives.

Now in its 9th year, the AHR Expo Innovation Awards are widely recognized as one of the most prestigious honors in the HVACR industry. It is jointly sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI); and International Exposition Company (IEC), producers and organizers of the AHR Expo.

Igniting Creative Energy (ICE) Student Competition Marks 10th Year

Igniting Creative Energy ChallengeThe Igniting Creative Energy (ICE) Challenge, a national competition for kindergarten through twelfth grade students to share ideas about wise energy choices and environmental stewardship, is celebrating its tenth year. To mark this milestone, Johnson Controls and Kohler Co., the competition’s sponsors, announced the addition of ICE Water, a new category for the competition that aims to also educate student about water conservation.

Water efficiency is a growing concern. According to a 2008 study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 36 states expect water shortages within the next five years. Accordingly, ICE Water will encourage teachers to include water into their classroom discussions about energy and natural resources.

A total of five Grand Prize winners, four student winners and one teacher will travel to the 2011 United States Energy Efficiency Forum (EEF) where they will share their winning projects with national leaders and energy policymakers. In addition to the national winners, the highest scoring student in each qualifying state or province will receive recognition as the State or Province winner.

The ICE Challenge is administered by the National Energy Foundation (NEF) on behalf of Johnson Controls and Kohler. NEF has served as the ICE education partner over the life of the competition and continues to help create awareness about the competition among teachers and students throughout the nation.

All ICE Challenge entries must be postmarked by March 4, 2011; submissions postmarked by February 18, 2011 will qualify for additional early bird prizes. ICE Challenge winners will be announced in late March 2011.

2011 International Roofing Expo to Launch Renewable Energy Pavilion

2011 Intl. Roofing ExpoThe 2011 International Roofing Expo will have a Renewable Energy Pavilion, a designated area on the show floor that will educate conference attendees on this fast-growing segment of the industry. Displays will showcase the benefits of using renewable energy products, including solar, green/eco-friendly, photovoltaics, vegetative, roof-mounted wind turbines, day lighting, geothermal and other renewable energy products.

Companies exhibiting in the Renewable Energy Pavilion include Ambassador Energy, Cool Roof Rating Council, Dow Building Solutions, Heat Barrier Systems, Horizon Exterior Technology, Integrated Power Corporation, LiveRoof, Orion Energy Systems, PHP Systems/Design, Quick Mount PV, Silverback Solar, SolarFrameWorks, USP™ Energy Coatings, and U.S. Sunlight Corporation.

In addition to the products, a two-day series of 30-minute educational demonstrations will take place on Wednesday, February 16 and Thursday, February 17. Participating companies include Dow Building Solutions, NRCA, Silverback Solar, Green Roof Blocks, RRCI, Clean Power Finance and Natron Resources. An additional 15 minutes will be allowed per demonstration for questions and answers.

Entrance to the Renewable Energy Pavilion is included free of charge in all registration packages. Visit the Roofing Expo website to register for the event, as well as find complete details about the Renewable Energy Pavilion, exhibitors and educational conference information. Discounted registration rates are available through January 11, 2011.

The International Roofing Expo will be held February 16-18, 2011, in the North Halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. For general show inquires, please call 972.536.6350 or 888.869.8522.

Stuttgart, Germany project wins GE Edison Award

The 2009 GE Edison Award was presented to Andreas Schulz and Alexander Rotsch of Licht Kunst Licht AG (Bonn, Germany) for lighting EnBW City in Stuttgart, Germany.

The 2009 GE Edison Award was presented to Andreas Schulz and Alexander Rotsch of Licht Kunst Licht AG (Bonn, Germany) for lighting EnBW City, Stuttgart, Germany. A personalized Steuben crystal award for the 27th-annual lighting design competition was presented by GE Lighting on May 11, 2010 in Las Vegas. The GE Edison Award competition is open to those lighting professionals who creatively employ significant use of GE light sources (lamps and/or LEDs) in a lighting design project completed during the previous calendar year.
   Light is energy, and energy is the business of EnBW, the third largest supplier of power, gas, and water in Germany. Energy is made tangible throughout their new headquarters complex, the EnBW City, designed by architect Lars Klatte from the firm RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky.
   Inside the entry hall, a luminous cloud of polished aluminum wire and innumerable xenon light points defines the visual center of the space. Complemented by two water feature walls, it forms a narrative approach to the theme of energy. The mirrored surfaces of the glass and water enhance the brilliance of the space.
   Full glazing allows plenty of daylight into the entry hall. Grouped in sets of four, downlights with GE 70-watt ConstantColor CMH T6 3000K ceramic-metal-halide lamps are attached to the roof structure and provide light and shadow. The concept of strongly directional light is continued in the waiting area. Reflected light from floor surfaces brightens ceilings and the underside of the connecting bridge. GE T5 Starcoat Ecolux 3500K fluorescent lamps, mounted in the stair stringers, provide a functional layer of light while accentuating the shape of the stairway.
   An additional Forum building houses meeting rooms and a staff cafeteria, arranged around a four-story atrium. To emphasize the height of the space, tight rows of GE 35-watt CMH T6 ceramic-metal-halide lamps, housed within an in-ground trough, graze monolithic service ducts. A string of downlights at the roof structure crowns the lighting effect and continues the strong directional lighting theme established in the entry hall and waiting area.
   The lighting design exemplifies architectural integration and more than meets strict European regulations for power consumption.
   Visit to view all of the 2009 GE Edison Awards winners in more detail and to find information related to the 2010 GE Edison Awards.—Gary L. Parr


The Alhambra is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The Alhambra is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Put down the shopping list. Stop trimming the tree. Forget about what you want tell the boss at the holiday party. You have to start working on your “Why I Want To Go To Spain” essay. Seriously. Tile of Spain is taking three architects and/or designers on a  free trip to Spain.
   The “Reign in Spain” tour starts in Madrid and moves on to Granada, home to the world-famous Alhambra Palace. Then you will travel to Valencia (birthplace of paella) for Cevisama 2010, the big ceramic tile trade show.
   Here’s the deal: You must be an accredited architect or interior designer with current affiliation with AIA, ASID and/or IIDA and living in the United States. You must be available to travel from Feb. 5-13, 2010. Finally, you are expected to participate in all activities of the junket. Tile of Spain says, “there will be free time for exploring the cities on your own but most activities, meals and excursions are planned beforehand and are required.”
   What’s next? Download and complete the application form at then  return the application by deadline of Dec. 23, 2009. Good luck. —Jim Carper

Do good interiors, get recognized

There is nothing like a pat on the back and a plaque on the wall as recognition for good work. If you do ceilings and/or interiors, the Ceiling & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA), St. Charles, IL, would like a chance to recognize that work through its 2009 Construction Excellence Awards competition. All entries must be received by CISCA no later than January 15, 2010. Download the entry information pdf here.
According to the organization press release, “CISCA’s Construction Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the design, fabrication, and functionality of acoustical and specialty ceilings, as well as in interior systems construction. The Awards also further the contributions of ceiling and interior systems professionals to the architectural and construction industries of which their work is an essential and integral part.”
If you have a winning entry, you will be recognized at the Awards and Keynote Breakfast on Friday, April 23, 2010, during CISCA’s 2010 Convention and INTEX Trade Show, to be held April 21 to 24, 2010 in Denver. The awards ceremony features a comprehensive multi-media presentation of all submissions and winning projects.
Award categories include:

  • Ceilings: Complex or difficult design new construction ceiling projects using metal, wood, fiberglass, fabric, or mineral fiber.
  • Renovation: Complex or difficult design renovation projects using metal, wood, fiberglass, fabric, or mineral fiber.
  • Interior Finishes: Complex or difficult design interior finish projects.
  • Acoustical Solutions: Complex or difficult design projects solving an acoustical challenge.
  • Boutique: Debuting in 2009, for unique interior projects less than 10,000 square feet.

If you did an interesting project that fits in one of these categories, download the form and enter. Applause may follow.—Gary L. Parr

A Model Citizen

I’ve always liked building models and model buildings. As a kid, I played with wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, and plastic bricks. (The Lego brand, as far as I can remember, was not available during my wonder years.) When I moved to Chicago, I was enchanted by the Thorne miniature rooms at the Art Institute.
   So I was excited to receive an invitation to  “Models Of Concern, ” an exhibition of architectural scale models at the Trespa Design Centre. My RSVP, sad to say, was “regrets.” Jetting from Commercial Building Products’ world headquarters in Barrington, IL, to Manhattan just was not in the cards.
   I did obtain some photos and now really do regret not seeing the exhibit, which was created by the Dutch design firm Concern. Thursday, Oct. 22 is the last day.  At 6 p.m. on Thursday, designer Gilian Schrofer, principal of Concern, will talk about the extensive renovation of the 124-year-old Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to Manhattan.  I know I would have liked this exhibit.




Models of Concern is sponsored by Trespa, which makes high-performance, contemporary architectural cladding, along with Spec-Rite Designs (lockers and cabinets) and Ahrend (furniture). The Trespa Design Centre is located at 62 Greene St., New York (in Soho).—Jim Carper

Fair focused on wood use in commercial buildings

To the casual observer, wood is rarely included in the materials list for commercial buildings. But that’s not necessarily the case. Learn more at the Wood Solutions Fair, organized by the people at WoodWorks for Non-residential Construction, Tacoma, WA.
   The fair will be held Oct. 29 at the Univ. of Illinois-Chicago Forum, Chicago. It is a free, multi-faceted, day-long educational event on the use of wood in commercial buildings. It combines topical seminars with relevant trade booths to deliver a comprehensive educational experience for architects, engineers, builders, building designers, and specifiers. WoodWorks is an approved AIA provider and attendees qualify for six HSW credits.
   For more information, visit—Gary L. Parr

Learn green construction in Eng. Soc. of Detroit courses

Need to learn more about green building construction? Maybe a trip to Detroit is in order? In Aug. and Sept. the Engineering Society of Detroit is offering two new classes on sustainable construction. The classes will focus on how to design or redesign buildings so they are more energy efficient and structurally relevant. “Introduction to Sustainable Construction” will be held on Aug. 12 and 13 and Sept. 9 and 10. An HVAC and Integrated Design course will be offered Aug. 20 and Sept. 17. Both will be held at the Engineering Society of Detroit’s newly-constructed, energy-efficient headquarters in Southfield, MI.
   “We’ve been getting more and more into green construction,” said Ron Smith, director of education and community outreach for the Engineering Society of Detroit. “We’re in a great position to bring this education to our engineers.”
   The courses will cover the history and background of the green building movement, the impact of green/sustainable building practices on traditional construction and design, and the certification process for LEED accreditation.
   For information, call 248-353-0735.—Gary L. Parr