2014 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory helps architects find resources

Green Roofs for Healthy CitiiesGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the non-profit membership-based industry association working to promote the green roof and wall industry in North America, has released The Green Pages: 2014 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory. As the green roof and wall industry continues to grow, this directory will help architecture and landscape architecture firms find key players in the green roof and wall industry (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, nurseries, etc.) as well as accredited Green Roof Professionals. It also provides design inspiration by profiling different projects all over North America.

The Green Pages will be available at GRHC’s two upcoming conferences—Grey to Green: A Conference on the Economics of Green Infrastructure, Designing for Health in Toronto, August 25-26 and CitiesAlive: Green Roof & Wall Conference, Water: The Key To Everything Green in Nashville, TN, November 12-15.

For more information about the Green Pages contact Paul Erlichman, membership coordinator, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities at perlichman@greenroofs.org or Jennifer Foden Wilson, editor of the Living Architecture Monitor magazine at jfodenwilson@greenroofs.org.

SMR Launches Commercial Building Inventory

SMR Research Corp. has launched the Commercial Building Inventory (CBI), the nation’s most complete database of information on the commercial buildings of the United States. CBI contains data on nearly 9 million buildings – apartment buildings, office buildings, stores and shopping centers, and more than 100 other categories.

The database includes dozens of information points about U.S. buildings, including:

  • Building owner names and addresses,
  • The estimated market value of each building,
  • The age and size of most buildings,
  • Owner occupancy
  • Structure details: number of stories, roof type, and more.
  • Contact names for many corporate building owners

The primary purpose of the CBI is to identify new sales opportunities for manufacturers and distributors of building products, providers of building services, and contractors.
One example: Roofs wear out. The CBI can identify buildings whose age suggests a new roof will soon be needed.

For “green building” initiatives, the CBI will be ideal. It can identify which buildings are old enough to need help, which owners may invest more readily because they also work in the building, and which buildings have enough value to suggest that their owners can afford new investments. The CBI also provides customers with an analytical capability. By matching CBI records to recent building permits, the CBI staff can assist customers in understanding the characteristics of buildings that will have specific types of improvement needs.