For architects, business as usual

We are midway through the first day of the AIA 2009 convention, and there appear to be no surgical masks or panicked faces among the nation’s architects. If anything, people are more engaged in the Chrysler bankruptcy rumors than a flu pandemic.
   Despite several cuts in the price of attendance, however, that were made by AIA in the weeks preceding the show, it’s not clear that attendance will reach the levels of last year’s Boston show. Exhibitors in the North Hall, particularly, are looking around a bit wistfully.—Melissa Larson

Will flu fears dampen the AIA show?

Other than O’Hare airport looking rather empty for a Wednesday, I have seen no signs of concern among travelers as I made my way to San Francisco for the AIA Show. OK, I may have given the guy in the seat in front of me a weird look as he coughed without covering his mouth. But no surgical masks, no panicky mobs or anything else unusual in beautiful San Francisco. However, it remains to be seen if the crowds in the aisles, and the number of booths, are similar to what I remember from Boston last year.—Melissa Larson