A Model Citizen

I’ve always liked building models and model buildings. As a kid, I played with wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, and plastic bricks. (The Lego brand, as far as I can remember, was not available during my wonder years.) When I moved to Chicago, I was enchanted by the Thorne miniature rooms at the Art Institute.
   So I was excited to receive an invitation to  “Models Of Concern, ” an exhibition of architectural scale models at the Trespa Design Centre. My RSVP, sad to say, was “regrets.” Jetting from Commercial Building Products’ world headquarters in Barrington, IL, to Manhattan just was not in the cards.
   I did obtain some photos and now really do regret not seeing the exhibit, which was created by the Dutch design firm Concern. Thursday, Oct. 22 is the last day.  At 6 p.m. on Thursday, designer Gilian Schrofer, principal of Concern, will talk about the extensive renovation of the 124-year-old Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to Manhattan.  I know I would have liked this exhibit.




Models of Concern is sponsored by Trespa, which makes high-performance, contemporary architectural cladding, along with Spec-Rite Designs (lockers and cabinets) and Ahrend (furniture). The Trespa Design Centre is located at 62 Greene St., New York (in Soho).—Jim Carper

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