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CPB magazine invites you to explore ArchiExpo, the online architectural tradeshow, which presents you with high end architectural and design products from the leading manufacturers. Whether you require an aluminium door for the office, double glazed windows, or a commercial carpet, ArchiExpo has a large selection for you to choose from.

Glazed sliding doors

Glazed Sliding Doors

While exterior glazed sliding doors may be used to increase visibility and facilitate the transition from interior to exterior (e.g. create a welcoming building entrance area), interior glass sliding doors can be used to maintain lighting levels and visibility between indoor spaces (e.g separation between offices and meeting rooms). With a wide variety of glazing finishes available such as laminated, etched and back painted, the decorative aspect can be customised to suit all your requirements. As well as functional aspects such as sound, heat and light transmission, the choice of glazing can have a great impact on the ambiance and beauty of a space.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows may be suited for private or commercial use. They are favoured for their light weight, corrosion resistance, clean finish, ease of maintenance and are often available in a wide range of finishes. As aluminium is a poor insulator, it is often required to either incorporate a thermal break and may even have an insulating finish on the interior such as PVC or wood. When choosing, consider the type of opening required, as well as level of thermal resistance, ease of maintenance, and light transmission of the glass. Ensure to take into account orientation, considering whether other products such as a blind or a brise soleil needs to be incorporated to limit over lighting or overheating the interior.

Low VOC Carpet

Low VOC Carpet

Choosing a low VOC carpet over a regular carpet can help reduce the levels of harmful volatile organic compounds and improve the interior air quality of a building. When choosing, it is important to ensure that the carpet is suitable for intended use, ensuring that it complies with the relevant building codes. Consider factors such as type, finish, material, ease of maintenance and replacement. Commercial patterned carpets may be preferred for high traffic areas, as they can help conceal wear and tear and also add visual interest to large surface areas.

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