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Data Centers With Patients
The medical community faces many fundamental challenges, not the least of which is a data explosion.

Science Lab Renovation From The Floor Up
Safety, stain resistance, durability, and comfort were important considerations in flooring choice.

Permeable Pavement Replaces Tree Grates
Michigan city makes its downtown sidewalks safer and streetscapes more attractive with paved tree surrounds

Your Envelope Needs Continuity

Robert Anderson, building envelope solutions manager for the North Central Region at Firestone Building Products, Indianapolis.

Robert Anderson

Properly specified and installed continuous-insulation (CI) and air-barrier materials are at the core of a cavity-wall system that provides long-term performance.

By Robert Anderson, Firestone Building Products, Indianapolis

From flexible envelope design to installation ease and dimensional stability, a reliable cavity-wall system should work hard to ensure your building provides optimal performance. Among a cavity-wall system’s increasingly important qualities is the ability to facilitate significant energy savings.

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