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Optimize Campus Architectural Diversity
Changing architectural expressions and preferences go hand-in-hand with evolving teaching methodologies to shape campus design.

PEX-a Pipes New Life Into Department Store
Historical building gets a fresh start with Uponor piping, and big savings in labor and material costs.

Key Control Simplifies Campus Access
An electronic key-control system provides security, flexibility, and accountability at Texas State Univ.

Control Freaks?

Karen Lee, OSRAM Sylvania

Karen Lee, OSRAM Sylvania

We have reached a rather sophisticated level of control and automation in our buildings. Do we have more than we really need?

By Karen Lee, applications marketing, OSRAM SYLVANIA

From a lighting industry perspective, there are many opportunities for increased control and an expansion of the network of things being controlled. Our industry has moved from giving us the ability to turn sources on and off, or adjust light levels and mood, to systems that were capable of setting scenes for specific occasions and storing those settings in a control panel.

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